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Hello, I'm Jatomis S.

With a multifaceted background spanning engineering​,​ technology​,​ and business development​,​ Jatomis is a dynamic professional renowned for their expertise in CAD​,​ CAE​,​ and mechanical and electrical engineering. Graduating from California State University Los Angeles​,​ Jatomis embarked on a journey that has seen them contribute significantly to renowned organizations such as California State University​,​ Boeing​,​ KIGT Inc.​,​ Be A Maker Club​,​ and the Los Angeles Clean Tech Incubator. Throughout their career​,​ Jatomis has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in a wide array of technical and managerial domains. Their adeptness in software development​,​ encompassing Python​,​ C++​,​ Swift​,​ Java​,​ and JavaScript​,​ has empowered them to spearhead innovative projects and deliver cutting-edge solutions. They possess comprehensive knowledge of CAD software including Onshape​,​ Solidworks​,​ and Fusion 360​,​ coupled with a knack for leveraging tools like Arduino and Tinkercad for prototyping and design iterations. Jatomis's contributions extend beyond technical realms​,​ as they possess a keen acumen for project management​,​ cybersecurity applications​,​ and human resources. Their leadership roles at KIGT Inc.​,​ Los Angeles Clean Tech Incubator​,​ and MCM Group have honed their abilities in overseeing complex projects​,​ ensuring adherence to timelines and budgets​,​ and fostering collaborative team environments. With a passion for business development and design for manufacturability​,​ Jatomis has played pivotal roles in product sourcing and HVAC design​,​ optimizing processes for efficiency and sustainability. Their proficiency in leveraging tools like Mach 4​,​ Visio​,​ Excel​,​ and Power BI for data visualization and analysis has been instrumental in driving informed decision-making and strategic planning. Currently serving as the Managing Director at Stevenson Design and Consulting Solutions​,​ Jatomis continues to exemplify excellence in leadership and innovation. Leveraging their extensive experience and versatile skill set​,​ they are dedicated to steering the company towards new heights of success​,​ delivering unparalleled value to clients​,​ and fostering a culture of creativity and excellence. Jatomis is adept at navigating diverse environments​,​ having worked across academia​,​ corporate​,​ and startup sectors. Their adaptability​,​ coupled with a relentless pursuit of knowledge and innovation​,​ positions them as a formidable force in the realms of engineering​,​ technology​,​ and business.

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